For this go-round, at least, Judd Apatow seems to be escaping accusations that he just doesn't get girls. The one female character of any substance in Funny People, the ex-girlfriend played by Leslie Mann, is actually pretty nuanced and human. Well played. But finally-- finally!-- Apatow seems willing to bring on a female collaborator other than his wife, and it's absolutely no one you would have expected. Coming Soon did some digging around following an interview with Apatow and confirmed, indeed, Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce will be writing and directing an untitled romantic sex comedy under Apatow's tutelage.

Yeah, I know-- who saw that coming? After bursting on to the scene with her feature debut Boys Don't Cry in 1999, Peirce spent nearly 10 years making her follow-up, Stop-Loss, a grim drama about the toll of the American military policy on its soldiers. There seems to be a common thread between that film and the next one, though; Peirce's website describes the film as being "in the vein of Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen in which a “guy's” group of friends resuscitates him from the worst possible breakup, and trains him to find true love in this gender twist on the classic romantic comedy." Yes, Stop-Loss wasn't a romantic comedy, but it did brilliantly capture friendship dynamics among men, and presumably Peirce will again be putting those skills to work here.

But the word "guy" in quotation marks is what's really intriguing here. Is Peirce making another movie with a transgendered character at its center? And a romance that doesn't end tragically? It almost seems too good to be true, but given that Peirce is one of the few remotely mainstream filmmakers who would even dare to pull it off, it's totally possible. I'd love to hear a follow-up on this, and if it's true, Apatow may be going from making one of the most self-serving films of his career to helping produce one of the boldest.

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