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The first trailer for Apollo 18 has arrived, a movie so veiled in secrecy that the Weinstein Company still hasn’t revealed the cast. The film is structured as though it’s found footage, as if this is the documenting of real events which occurred during a secret, eighteenth Apollo mission. Apollo 17 was America’s official last trip to Luna, but what if there were secretly another? And what if that secret mission were the reason we’ve never gone back?

The answers to those questions are in the first ever trailer for Apollo 18. Watch it below or in HD on

The movie appears to be a found footage film in the mold of the already all but forgotten Milla Jovovich flick The Fourth Kind, except it’s far more ambitious. They really seem intent on selling this thing as real. They're still hiding the cast, for instance, and they've gone out of their way to avoid using actors you'd recognize in any of the primary parts.

From the trailer it’s impossible to tell whether the astronauts have encountered aliens, ghosts, or the re-animated corpse of Stanely Kubrick, but whatever’s out there, I’m all in. Are you hooked? Let us know in the comments section below.

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