I hope everyone is ready for some more comic adaptations because there’s no shortage of them headed our way. No doubt we’ll be seeing many more films from the Marvel universe, but now we’re seeing producers dip into comics that are a bit less well known. Cowboys and Aliens was based on a comic that not many people had heard about, R.I.P.D. is on the way with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, and now Summit has acquired the rights to the four-issue comic Area 52, says Deadline, that ran back in 2001.

Area 52 has an unmistakable similarity to The Thing in that there is alien mayhem at a secret base in the Antarctic region, but the comparisons end there. Area 52 is run by the government and used to store items that are “out of this world”, so to speak. It's run by a small group of government rejects sent there because they weren’t useful anywhere else, and they find themselves under siege when an alien presence hatches without their knowing and starts rampaging. As some of the crew are sort of on the crazy side, expect Area 52 to come with a healthy serving of comedy with the alien horror.

The film is being produced over at Summit, home of the Twilight series for a couple more years, though they’ve been busy outside their beloved vampire franchise as well. Legendary producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura will shepherd Area 52 to the big screen with Mark Vahadrian, but there’s no mention of writer or director hopefuls. Though once the rights are completely wrapped up, it shouldn’t be long before we know who’ll be at the pen. Stay tuned for more details on Area 52 soon.

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