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Ask All Your Pressing X-Men Questions To The X-Perts Starting March 1st

Even though the film is set for a June 3 release, will still know very little about X-Men: First Class. The trailer released last week was effective in showing off all of the characters, setting a tone and telling us that the events of the film will surround the Cuban Missile Crisis, but reveal much in the way of story. Luckily, you'll soon be able to ask the cast and crew anything you want about the movie.

20th Century Fox has announced a new series that they will be hosting through the X-Men: First Class Twitter and Facebook pages called "X-Perts." Starting on March 1st fans will be able to send in questions that they may have about the new film or the X-Men franchise and every week a new actor or filmmaker will be available to answer them. Fans need only to send messages via an @reply to @XMenMovies or post on the wall at The full list of those taking part in the series is available here.

Given that the Facebook page has 1,931,839 followers and counting there's probably no guarantee that everyone will get their question answered, but it never hurts to give it a shot. Stay tuned for more news about X-Men: First Class and for more about the movie, including images and the trailer, head on over to our Blend Film Database.

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