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A.M. Awesome: Darth Vader Gets Unruly In New Recording For The Star Wars Blu-Ray

For all of us who have been up in arms with anger over changes to the recent Blu-Ray release of the Star Wars saga, this video will shed some light on the situation. For the now infamous scene where Vader tosses Emperor Palpatine into the abyss, George Lucas wanted to better capture Vader’s emotion by adding him shouting “NOOOOO!” as he saved his son from being barbecued. So he scheduled an ADR session with Vader, bringing him back in to re-record and add dialogue.

Turns out, Darth Vader isn’t the best actor and when he’s off set and not in the moment, he’s downright unmanageable. Check out his ADR session below.

As you can see, Vader not getting any real work for a while has really worn on his acting talent, but not his comedic timing. This video proves that, like George Lucas, Vader doesn’t care about the series anymore, he’s more interested in trolling the people who can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

This awesome skit was put together by a couple of UK film makers calling themselves Sneaky Zebra, who, like most of us, love Star Wars and hate that their favorite movies are getting tinkered with 30 years after the fact. As if one horrible NOOOOO! wasn’t bad enough, this one will go down in history as the change that ruined the movies for the fans. Don’t expect this to be the last spoof you see of George Lucas’ assholery.