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We all know that Disney has been relentlessly promoting their upcoming Tron: Legacy with what seems like an endless stream of posters, banners, and super cool trailers. We also know that in possibly the biggest news of 2009, Disney bought Marvel, adding it to the many production studios living underneath its massive umbrella. And since Tron and Marvel are officially roommates in the Disney dorm, why not do a little cross promotion?

Next month’s issue of Wired (holy cow a print magazine!) will feature 10 collectible covers all featuring Marvel characters that have been “Tron-ified”, as they so lovingly put it. There’s no real function for dumping the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and more into the neon-encrusted world of Tron other than that it is in fact totally awesome.

You’ll be able to pick up this issue of Wired up next month at your local magazine stand and choose from ten wicked awesome characters that will adorn your cover. Wolverine and Ghost Rider are looking particularly badass with their light claws and light cycle respectively. Scope out a couple example below or head over to Wired to see the rest of this fully awesome set of crossovers.

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