The Back To The Future Honest Trailer Is Really Mean On This Special Day

Has today’s steady stream of Back to the Future adoration ruined your appreciation for Robert Zemeckis’ groundbreaking trilogy? We feel your pain. We still hold the trilogy in high regard, but the onslaught of BTTF trivia tested the resolve of even the strongest of fans. To the haters, we have you covered as well. In the words of Marvin Berry, listen to this:

Is it mean of the folks at Screen Junkies to release an Honest Trailer for the Back to the Future trilogy on this unique fan anniversary? That’s like telling a kid on his birthday that he’s failed so miserably, he has to repeat a grade.

Anyway, on to the analysis, which starts off strong by going after the two "R" words in the Back to the Future mythology: Racism; and Repetition. We’ll glance over the first one, as Robert Zemeckis (I think) was making a few off-color jokes because of his 1950s setting. But the repetition is hard to ignore. Did the filmmaker fool audiences by essentially delivering a similar movie three times in a row? Or is it still one of the most clever uses of time travel in a Hollywood movie? The debate is never ending.


And yet, as with every Honest Trailer, sometimes they are just nitpicking details that your everyday audience member is going to be able to overlook in the name of it being, you know, a movie. Like, for instance, the incest claims between Marty (Michael J. Fox) and his mom (Lea Thompson). It’s integral to the plot! What I’m glad the Honest Trailer does zero in on, though, is that creepy kid on Doc’s train, who doesn’t think anyone will see him pointing at his crotch. WTF is wrong with that kid? Look away Einstein!

Crotch Point

Back to the Future continues to celebrate a special anniversary today, ringing in the actual date that Marty and Doc traveled to in the future to save Marty and Jennifer’s kids. Beyond this date, there are no new moments in the BTTF timeline that fans can lean on. Unless they actually figure out a way to make Back to the Future 4, which Christopher Lloyd swears is a possibility.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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