While The Walk hasn’t made quite the box-office splash that was intended, having failed to match the efforts of The Martian, there’s still no denying just how impressive Robert Zemeckis’ return to the big-screen is. It really is how an IMAX and 3D film should be made, and is further proof of Robert Zemeckis’ prowess as a filmmaker, something that he’s been showcasing for close to 40 years now.

But where does Joseph Gordon-Levitt tight roping between The Twin Towers while deploying a French accent sit alongside the legendary filmmaker’s other efforts? Does it match up to Forrest Gump, Cast Away, or Back To The Future? Well, take a look below to see.

10. Back To The Future 2
Not a match to the original, but nevertheless a worthy expansion of the universe that still captures the fun and wonderment of Back To The Future. In the end, it gets bogged down by its overly complex plot. However, within the walls of this craziness are iconic scenes that include Doc and Marty landing in 2015 and being confronted with a bevy of changes to Hill Valley and the revelation at the end that Doc Brown has been transported to the Wild West. Plus, it introduced the hoverboard into mainstream consciousness – an invention we’re still waiting to see hit the shops.

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