Watch Michael J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd Banter About Back To The Future Technology

Great Scott! Back to the Future is preparing for a massive anniversary celebration, blowing out 30 candles on its metaphorical birthday cake while also approaching an important date in the film franchise’s history: October 21, 2015. More on the date in a second, but first, original BTTF stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunite in this video to talk about all that the movies in the series got right (and wrong) about The Future:  


The short clip, titled “Diner,” is brought to us by Toyota Mirai, and promises a longer film dropping on Oct. 21. Die-hard Back to the Future fans know that represents the date that Marty and Doc Brown had to travel to in the future to prevent Marty’s kids from getting into trouble. Hoverboards are the easy topic of conversation, but this quick snippet between Fox and Lloyd remind us of how many inventions Robert Zemeckis dropped into his sequel, hoping they would be real by the time we reached 2015.  

Spoiler alert: Most of them – like robots who walk dogs, or shoes that tie their own laces – don’t exist yet. The best back-and-forth, though, involves the fax machine. As you likely will recall, this is how older Marty McFly gets fired by his bosses. The fax stays with Jennifer, and only when it disappears does she know that the future will be OK. (It’s the equivalent of the McFly family photo from the first Back to the Future movie.) Read my fax:

When Michael J. Fox incredulously wonders why they thought fax machines would prevail, Christopher Lloyd admits that he still has a fax machine, which Fox jokes he much use to fax the one guys in Ohio who also has one of the outdated devices. This kind of priceless interplay is exactly why you couldn’t reboot Back to the Future with other actors. It’s nearly impossible to replicate the kind of chemistry that Fox and Lloyd had. It carried the whimsical fantasy adventure through three movies, and will extend the nostalgia as we approach the important date.

All three Back to the Future films will return to theaters on October 21, giving fans a chance to see the beloved trilogy on the big screen. In the meantime, more videos of Fox and Lloyd catching up. They are a welcome sight, and a breath of fresh air. 

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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