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Bad Robot Lining Up Another Action Thriller

After successfully raising the bar for action set pieces with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which our very own Katey Rich called “easily the best action film of the year,” you might think Bad Robot would go in a different direction, and let someone else try to live up the expectations the creative house has established. Yet, while they do have Star Trek 2 in the pipeline, Bad Robot is also gearing up for a new action challenge with director Brad Parker at the helm.

According to Variety, Parker will direct an untitled action movie that will be produced by Bad Robot and distributed by Paramount. The plot’s being kept secret, though Carter Beats the Devil scripter Michael Gilio received credit for the work.

Parker rose through the ranks of commercial directing, helming spots for Nike and Sony, top name a few. He served as second unit director on Bad Robot producer Matt Reeves’ remake, Let Me In, and has the upcoming horror film The Diary of Lawson Oxford with Jesse McCartney on his plate. He also served in the visual effects departments on such films as We Own the Night, Willard, xXx and David Fincher’s Fight Club.

I’m still not sure what else Bad Robot needs to prove in the action department. Ghotocol was one of the memorable muscle pictures of the genre, and topping it will be very difficult. But the company has produced films like Cloverfield, Super 8 and the Star Trek reboot, so their track record is such that we’re willing to trust their instincts and simply anticipate whatever they have cooked up.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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