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Bam Gets Smacked With A High Five In Jackass 3D Clip

The whole Jackass phenomenon came as a result of their original show on MTV, so it came as no surprise that the first clip from the film was shown at last night's Video Music Awards. So for those that both watched the award show last night and those about to watch it for the first time, I give you The High Five.

Also familiar to anyone who has seen the trailer that premiered last month, Johnny Knoxville and Wee-Man have set up a giant hand to bash Bam Margera in the face when he walks through the door. Adding to the hilarity is the idea of "antiquing" which is the jackass way of saying "cover him in flour." The video is pretty damn hilarious, particularly because of how fast Margera hits the ground. My only hope is that this isn't the end of this prank. I want everyone in the cast to fall victim to The High Five.

Check out the clip below.

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