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Bass Fishing: The Movie

Redneck culture is conquering American. First it was NASCAR, then Larry the Cable Guy, now it’s um, fishing. Variety says Lionsgate has bought a spec script called The Bass Master, a comedy set in the world of competitive bass fishing.

Lionsgate has been pretty successful lately, so I hate to completely dismiss one of their ideas out of hand but… competitive bass fishing? How do you make a movie out of that? After you use up the obvious guy falls out of the boat gag, where do you go with it? Finding funny in NASCAR is easy, but what’s entertaining about guys casting, reeling, and waiting? Looks like it’s time to resurrect Big Mouth Billy Bass.

They apparently think they have something. The script, by Ted Murphy (writer of Hunchback of Notre Dame and Atlantis) and Devin Maurer is being produced by Todd Garner.