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Last November, billions of people all over the world took a moment out of their lives to watch a little boy live his dream. Miles Scott's Make-A-Wish request was a big one. He wanted to be Batkid. And the people of San Francisco came out to support him as his adventure took him all around the city (in the Batmobile!) as Batman's sidekick, defeating evil foes like The Riddler and The Penguin. If you wondered how such an incredible and sprawling act of kindness came together for this sweet little survivor, you'll get your answer with the documentary Batkid Begins. But first, its filmmakers need your help.

Award-winning producer and director Dana Nachman became intrigued by how a call for 200 volunteers to cheer on this tiny superhero blew up into 25,000 cheering fans, with millions more following along and rallying behind him online. With the help of a small crew, she set out to make a documentary about how this great day came to pass. By now, most of the movie is in the can, but Batkid Begins needs your donations to help give this film the kind of post-production flare that the superhero genre is known for.

Check out the pitch video for the film's Indiegogo campaign below:

Batkid Begins needs $100,000 to pay for the film's sound effects, aerial shots, soundtrack, special effects, color correction, animation and graphic work. With the cooperation of the Scott family, Nachman has already carved out a documentary about this remarkable little boy who inspired the world for a day. With hopes of debuting Batkid Begins on the one year anniversary of the day Batkid took San Francisco by storm, the filmmakers have turned to this 36-day campaign to give the doc all the bells and whistles to make it as spectacular as it is sweet.

Let's talk prizes. For kicking in $5 you get a shout-out of thanks on Twitter or Facebook. But for $15 you get that, plus the HD digital download of Batkid Begins as well as its TBD soundtrack. For just $25, you get all of the above and your name in the special thanks section of the film's end credits. Other cool prizes include a Batkid t-shirt ($60), a Batkid cape ($75), and becoming an actual part of the crew for a day of production ($1,000). The top buy-in is $10,000, which allows you to pay your way to an actual Associate Producer credit, legit on IMDB and everything.

Now is the time for each of us to be the hero Batkid Begins deserves.

Batkid Begins will also have a room at Comic-Con next week. Dana Nachman will appear on a panel alongside Batman and The Penguin on Sunday, July 27th at 10:30 a.m. in Room 8 of the San Diego Convention Center.

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