This Batman Begins Star Is Reuniting With Christopher Nolan For A WWII Thriller

Few modern directors can inspire the same level of loyalty as Christopher Nolan. It’s not just his fans. Many actors consistently return to star in his movies. The director’s upcoming film Dunkirk will prove no different, as he has already begun to enlist an ensemble of familiar faces to perform in the WWII thriller. Among those familiar faces is none other than Batman Begins villain Scarecrow, a.k.a Cillian Murphy.


According to a new report from The Wrap, Irish actor Cillian Murphy will once again team up with director Christopher Nolan for the beloved director’s upcoming WWII movie, Dunkirk. The film revolves around the daring Operation Dynamo during the WWII Battle of Dunkirk, during which the British conducted a mission which reportedly saved the lives of 330,000 Allied troops who had become cornered by Nazi forces. Not much information has come forward regarding the nature of Murphy’s role, but the rumors indicate he will play a supporting role in the filmmaker’s depiction of the intrepid British operation.


The fact that Cillian Murphy has joined the cast of Dunkirk should come as a surprise to no one. He’s a frequent collaborator with Christopher Nolan, and has appeared in no less than four of his films – including Inception and the entire Dark Knight trilogy.


In fact, Murphy almost nabbed the role of Bruce Wayne before Christian Bale stepped in and won the part; Christopher Nolan loved his performance so much that he ultimately decided to give him the part of Dr. Jonathan Crane a.k.a Scarecrow. Murphy would go on to become the only Batman rogue to appear in all three films during the Dark Knight trilogy.


It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan tends to consistently work with a handful of the same actors. In addition to Cillian Murphy, Dunkirk has also reportedly enlisted the acting chops of Tom Hardy, who similarly appeared in Inception, as well as The Dark Knight Rises. Just get Michael Caine in there and it will begin to feel like a real Nolan movie.


Are you excited to see Cillian Murphy reunite with Christopher Nolan for Dunkirk? What’s your favorite Cillian Murphy performance in a Nolan movie? Let us know what you think in the comments to keep the conversation going!


We will bring you all of the latest and greatest information related to Dunkirk as it becomes available to us. As of now, the WWII thriller will hit theaters on July 21, 2017.

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