Batman V Superman, As Done By Robot Chicken, Is Vulgar And Hilarious

When it comes to a battle against Batman, you need two things: strength and cunning. Though if Robot Chicken's latest DC flavored sketch below is any indication, you're going to need one more key factor to survive said battle: patience, and loads of it.

You can thank the industrious folks at Robot Chicken for this profanity fueled tirade, as it was by their hand that this parody of Batman asking Superman if he bleeds came to life. In fact, it looks like Bats doesn't even care about anything at that point, except for going all the way to re-enforce the point that he just isn't concerned with whether Superman can bleed or not. To be fair, the lengths to which Batman goes to convey this one message shows that while he may not care about Superman's level of force, he does care about theatricality. Something that can't be said as fervently about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the film which this moment obviously originated from.

Of course the original moment from Zack Snyder's DC Comics adaptation was a much more dramatic affair, with Superman and Batman ultimately coming to blows over their opposing sides of battle. With Martha Kent's line in the balance, and Lex Luthor's chess pieces right where he wanted them, battle commenced and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came to life for a brief, shining moment. So leave it to the folks at Robot Chicken to totally deflate that scene and turn it into a scene of absolute, expletive filled lunacy.

This isn't the first time that Robot Chicken has riffed on the DC Comics legacy, in fact there have been entire specials dedicated solely to the comic properties and heroes of the DC line. You can thank the good relationship between parent network Cartoon Network and Warner Bros for that level of access, as pretty much any DC animated venture can be found on their family of networks. It's because of this good fortune that a sketch like the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice parody above can exist. Though that's not even the best example of what Robot Chicken has done with the DC license. That honor goes to that time when Batman and The Joker parodied the events of The Shawshank Redemption, with Mark Hamill reprising his role as the Clown Prince of Crime!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, much like any comic film for that matter, is a subject ripe for parody. But after watching this segment of Robot Chicken taking apart Zack Snyder's much derided comic book opus, we kind of want them to dedicate one of those DC Comics specials just to dissecting every inch of this most controversial film. That said, if you prefer your Batman v Superman action in its original, live-action form, you can purchase the Director's Cut Blu-ray on July 19th.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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