New Batman V Superman TV Spot Shows A Terrifying Batman

A new TV Spot for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was released this afternoon, and it’s pretty gnarly. One of the most exciting aspects of the new movie will be seeing a darker side to Batman, played by Ben Affleck. This new TV spot shows just that; check it out and try to not to get goosebumps.


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I’m bugging out right now. If this spot is any indication to the overall tone of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice then I am fully into it. 

The new clip, which was posted on Zack Snyder’s twitter account, begins with Batman attempting to use offensive driving of the Batmobile on Superman. Of course, the Kryptonian is unaffected by the vehicle, resulting in Batman crashing his whip into a nearby bit of construction. Superman then leisurely strolls over to the crash site, where he and Batman meet face to face. 

The dialogue is pretty bone chilling, with Batman asking Superman if he can bleed. After Supes flies away Batman continues his statement, assuring that he will see Superman’s blood by the end of the movie’s events. How freaking cool.

This is a much darker Batman than we’ve ever seen in film incarnations. While Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy made Bruce Wayne extremely human and utterly breakable, it doesn’t seem like Christian Bale ever aimed to play the Dark Knight with true fury. Sure, he was bummed when Rachel bit the dust, and he wanted to do some bodily harm to Heath Ledger’s Joker but he wasn’t an extremely dark incarnation of Batman. Ben Affleck’s approach is one we’ve never seen before- a Batman that is fueled by hatred and seeking violence.

While Battfleck’s turn under the cowl is promising a unique adaptation of Batman for live-action versions, the comic book Bat has arguably the most in common with this incarnation. Through the comics, he’s seen brooding and keeping to himself for the most part. His anger and fuel to do the right thing can sometimes border on villainous. Indeed, Batman vows to never kill, but he has been tempted more than once. 

Batman’s attempt to take down the Man of Steel in Batman V Superman is also extremely reminiscent of his comic book counterpart. During his time in the Justice League, Batman is known to be have plans and equipment to take out each of his teammates. He shows little trust in people, and knows how dangerous his God-like teammates could be if they turned to a life of crime. 

This concern for super powered individuals is very similar to the plot line of Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War. The abilities that the good guys have can be potentially dangerous and Batman is shown witnessing the events of Man of Steel in the Batman V Superman trailer. The Kryptonian quarrel destroyed buildings and presumably resulted in a ton of casualties- and Batman has no patience for it. 

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will hit theaters March 25th, 2016. 

Corey Chichizola
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