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We’re still trying to figure Peter Berg’s upcoming Battleship out. Is it based on the classic board game? Does it take its cues from Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise? Will Rihanna kick all kinds of ass? Some of those answers can be found in this new behind-the-scenes featurette, Look Inside, which was posted to Apple’s official trailer page:

Right off the bat, the clip introduces a story wrinkle I don’t think we knew about. Naval fleets from all around the world are participating in an exercise at the start of Battleship, truly making this combat sequence against alien invaders a global crisis.

The clip features insights from Berg and his cast, including Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), and singing sensation Rihanna. They claim that the stakes are “extremely high” once the alien invasion begins, that humanity is facing “an extinction-level” event. And the featurette – which lays out the plot – does seem to boast the best Armageddon-level special effects money can buy. But so much about Battleship, at this moment, reminds me of other films, from the invisible barrier of Independence Day to the robotic coils on the alien creatures, which makes them look like Decepticon holdovers from Dark of the Moon

Berg has time to convince us otherwise. And, obviously, the movie could totally stand on its own once it reaches theaters. Tell us does this peek behind the scenes make you more excited for Battleship? Will you be there on May 18 when Universal sails Battleship into theaters? Share your thoughts with us below.

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