Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff Hasn't Actually Met With Marvel Studios... Yet

We've been hearing rumors regarding a possible role for Katee Sackhoff at Marvel Studios for months and months now. Ever since it became clear that the company is getting serious about a female superhero movie, fans of the Battlestar Galactica actress have been vocal about the idea of her getting a part (the most popular suggestion being a movie about Captain Marvel a.k.a. Ms. Marvel). As much as geeks around the world might want it to happen, however, there have yet to be any real conversations between the studio and the star.

Vulture caught up with Sackhoff last night at the Kiehl’s Liferide 5th Anniversary Festival, and took the opportunity to ask her point blank if any of the connections rumored between her and Marvel Studios were actually real. While this is going to bum some people out, the actress admitted that while she has had the opportunity to spend time with Marvel co-founder Stan Lee, she has not yet sat down with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige or anyone else involved on the film side of things. Said Sackhoff,

“As of this moment, I have not sat down with anybody from Marvel for any role specifically. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that something with Marvel is completely off the table for the future.”

On her personal Twitter account, Sackhoff has been teasing a "super secret job," and there are many who believed that what she was working on was a cameo as Captain Marvel in Joss Whedon's upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron. All that talk was shut down by Sackhoff in the interview, but she did admit that it is at least somewhat superhero related. The only clues she would provide about the project were that it's "not necessarily a movie and not necessarily a superhero that you would think of." It's hard to say exactly what that means, but at the very least we know it involves Sackhoff getting a mold made of her face:

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What appears to be some kind of red, rubber-like material:

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And a veil:

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We can't say if we will ever get to see Katee Sackhoff in a Marvel Studios film, but she is currently starring on the western series Longmire.

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