Ben Affleck Replaces Tom Cruise In Political Comedy Nathan Decker

Tom Cruise is out as the lead ion the political comedy Nathan Decker, but Warner already has found his replacement in Ben Affleck, according to THR.

The studio acquired the Dan Fogelman (Crazy Stupid Love) with Cruise attached almost one year ago. But the Mission: Impossible actor since has moved on, allowing WB to take the project to Affleck. Obviously the actor has a solid hit streak with Warner, working on his three directorial efforts The Town, Gone Baby Gone and his upcoming political thriller Argo, which will be in theaters in September. But THR says Affleck will not direct Decker, and that a filmmaker is being sought to handle the reigns now that a star is back in place in the lead.

Affleck, according to reports, will play a politician caught in an affair who ventures back to his hometown to achieve some balance. Since turning to directing, Affleck hasn’t done much acting outside of his own films. He has a role in the untitled Terrence Malick film opposite Rachel McAdams, though no one really know when we’ll see that film in theaters. He also starred in The Company Men for writer-director John Wells, but has been focusing on his directing career, which is admirable.

While this certainly sounds like a part Affleck can play, I’m more interested to see who Warner can lure into the director’s chair, and which actress they’ll cast alongside Ben in the supporting roles. He showed such chemistry with Rebecca Hall in The Town. Or maybe Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Garner, will be looking for a meaty role now that she has given birth to their latest child? We’ll track Decker as it develops. But for now, Affleck’s in for Cruise. What do you think?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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