Benedict Cumberbatch Looks Nothing Like The Sorcerer Supreme In Early Doctor Strange Pictures

The first picture of Benedict Cumberbatch filming Doctor Strange hit the interwebs yesterday and that was apparently the signal for everybody else to come out of the woodwork. There are now a slew of candid shots hitting Twitter showing the Sorcerer Supreme looking...not much like a sorcerer nor particularly supreme for that matter. It actually just looks like Cumberbatch is hitchhiking through Asia and happened to lose his razor on the road.

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The only reason we even know he’s actually filming is because of this one. Otherwise we really wouldn’t be sure he’s just letting the vacation beard grow.

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The shots are from the on location shooting they’re currently doing in Nepal which is where Strange goes to eventually receive the power of the mystic arts that turn him into the character we know. It’s clear that these are scenes from before that transformation, when he’s simply a lowly surgeon with busted up hands.

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What’s actually interesting about these pictures is that our previous understanding was that Doctor Strange would not be an origin story. It’s possible these will be very brief scenes in the final film, possibly used as a montage or brief flashback but we will see something of the character’s origin. Eventually however he will look something like this.

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Since Benedict Cumberbatch will need to shave the beard they need to all the scenes with the long hair first. After that he’ll clean himself up and we assume he’ll look much more like the character we know. Now that will be an exciting picture.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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