Any way you want to look at it, Vin Diesel has had an extremely successful career. He’s toplined huge franchises. He’s played key supporting roles in beloved movies, and he’s somehow amassed more than twice as many Facebook fans as the Beatles. That, my friends, is overachieving, but even given all that, he apparently still has room to hit new benchmarks. For example: he has a new highest grossing film of his entire career.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is now the single biggest movie, at least domestically, Vin Diesel has ever been a part of. According to Box Office Mojo, it has generated more than $253,000,000, which puts its roughly $15,000,000 ahead of runner-up Fast & Furious 6. Critics might say it’s not fair to lump GOTG in with more traditional Vin Diesel efforts since it’s voicework, but anyone who saw Guardians knows how important the actor is to the finished product. Even with just a few short words, he turns Groot into a loveable and memorable character.

In case you were wondering, third place would go to Saving Private Ryan. Fourth place would go to Fast Five and fifth place would go to Fast and Furious. Sorry, XXX, you’re not quite popular enough to make this list.

In other Vin Diesel-related news, he recorded himself singing Sam Smith’s "Stay With Me". Yes, the same Sam Smith who might sing the James Bond theme song. Diesel’s version of the hit might not be recording artist level quality, but it has a ton of heart to it. In fact, it’s actually kind of endearing. Go ahead and check out the version below…

Cinema Blend’s biggest congratulations go out to Vin Diesel for his new career milestone, as well as to everyone else who worked on Guardians Of The Galaxy. The film is about as much fun as anyone could expect to have at the box office, and it should have plenty of more money in its future, in addition to a sequel!

Your move, Fast & Furious 7.

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