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Here’s something that people often overlook when they’re talking about Bill Maher: He’s funny. No really he is. Yes, he’s also kind of an asshole and sometimes (though not as often as people with guilty consciences sometimes like to pretend) he’s also very very wrong. I suppose he’s also offensive, but if he’s offensive it’s simply because he chooses to challenge ideas which people don’t really like having challenged. It’s not like he’s re-enacting Two Girls One Cup.

Maher has a new movie coming out, a documentary actually, though only in the Michael Moore sense of the term. It’s called Religulous and he’s tackling the one of the few topics in America that can still get you lynched, namely, how utterly ridiculous religion is. The movie’s first poster had Bill Maher on toast. The second poster had Bill Maher in the clouds. The movie’s new trailer is now here, and it has Bill Maher in the Vatican and talking to gay Muslim activists. It’s directed by the guy responsible for Borat, and the tone is somewhat similar, in the way Maher seems to be wandering around simply interacting with people. It’s also pretty funny… at least it is if you’re someone who’s over the whole religion thing. If not, get ready to be pissed. Take a look: