Bill Murray's Hilarious Thoughts On His Retirement

Few people understand how to be cool quite like iconic comedian Bill Murray. Like a fine wine, the man has gracefully aged into a persona that feels effortlessly youthful and wise at the same time. Much has been discussed about whether or not Bill Murray has ever or will ever retire from filmmaking and acting. He has his own take on the matter, and it’s quintessentially Bill Murray. Check out his statement below to fall in love with the guy all over again.

I've retired a couple times. I just say, "I'm retired." It keeps a certain kind of person away from you—the kind of person that you really don't want around. The people who are really interested in you will find you eventually.

Bill Murray made that statement to Esquire during a recent interview. The interviewers asked him if he ever had a "dry period" during his career, or a specific stretch of time where he opted to take a step back and slow down. He humorously mused that he has "retired" many times throughout his career, and although he inevitably comes back to acting and performing. It remains important to fake retire like that in order to keep less than desirable people away. In his own opinion, people worth having around will stick around even if you claim to have retired from your craft. We're just hoping that he has no plans to seriously retire any time in the very near future.


It just goes to show how naturally cool Bill Murray can be. The man has reinvented himself numerous times over the years, going from Hollywood’s resident funny man, to a genuine dramatic actor capable of turning in heart wrenching performances. In his older years he has become something of an icon – the definition of cool. It’s this persona that he recently parlayed into his role as the loveable bear Baloo in Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book.


Just watching him sing "The Bare Necessities" with his young co-star Neel Sethi Sing in order to understand that age is no obstacle for a guy like Bill Murray:


If you’re a fan of Bill Murray, seriously do yourself a favor and go check out The Jungle Book. His role as Baloo reminds us exactly why we love him as an actor/celebrity, and also makes us realize that the day Bill Murray actually retires from acting and public life will be one of the saddest days in the world of pop culture.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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