Bill And Ted 3 Script Is Finished, Needs The Greenlight

They’ve been to the past. They’ve been to the future. They’ve been all around the after life. Where (or when) will Bill and Ted be adventuring next? We don’t know just yet, but from the latest most non-heinous tweet of an update offered by Alex Winter (Bill), it sounds like things are close to moving forward on the third installment of the franchise and they’re working on getting the greenlight.

It’s been more than two decades since the original Bill & Ted film came out, and nearly as long since its first and only sequel. The original movie starred Winter and a then up-and-coming Keanu Reeves as two dim-witted teens who needed to pass a history test and were helped by Rufus (George Carlin), a man from the future who loaned them a time-machine to help them out. This, like the sequel, is all done in the name of rock ‘n roll, as Bill and Ted aspire to be rock stars and are destined for success, assuming they can overcome the obstacles in their path. In Bogus Journey, they get killed by evil-robot-us’es, and spend much of the movie in the afterlife. Once again, rock ‘n roll plays a pretty big part part in saving the day. (Station!)

Rumors of a third film have been out there for a while now and we’ve known for over a year that a script was in the works. Based on Winter’s latest tweet, which was directed to George Carlin's daughter Kelly Carlin, it seems the script is done and they’re looking to get the greenlight to move forward.

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So, the good news is, it sounds like the script is done. Now we just have to wait and see whether this project gets the greenlight to move forward.

While a third film wouldn’t be quite the same without George Carlin around to play Rufus, I’d definitely love to see Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter teamed up again for another Bill and Ted adventure. Judging by the first two movies, it might be safe to assume that rock ‘n roll and the fate of mankind could play a part in the third story. And possibly babes that need saving? Let's hope the next update on the film is of the excellent variety, as opposed to the bogus.

While we wait for more (hopefully good) news on the Bill & Ted 3 front, feel free to brush up on your B&T historical facts. Napoleon was a “short, dead dude.” Caesar was a “salad dressing dude.” And Joan of Arc was Noah’s Wife. As for when the Mongol’s ruled China, “I don't know. I just work here.”

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