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Funny thing about the apocalypse: While it’s almost certain to cause a severe shortage in day to day goods, clean water, decent clothes, and licorice jelly beans, no one ever seems to have any trouble finding ammunition, armored vehicles, explosives, or rocket launchers. In The Book of Eli there’s plenty of bullets but what everyone seems to want is a vaguely mysterious book.

In the twelve clips below from The Book of Eli you will see some of those bullets and at least one well-aimed hand grenade, but you won’t see Eli’s book. Instead the book’s discussed endlessly, without revealing anything about. Except that is, we know it isn’t a fucking book. So I guess that rules out “The Kama Sutra”. It’s probably the Bible. It has to be the Bible, doesn’t it? It’ll be pretty disappointing if it’s “The Secret”. Whatever it is that Denzel Washington’s Eli is carrying, it’s destined to change the world. Watch him blow people up to defend it: