Borat Gets A Sequel Starring His Brother Bilo

When Borat arrived and was a huge, smash hit around the world… the people of Kazakhstan weren’t happy. Sacha Baron Cohen’s fictional character was a Kazakh and his portrayal of the country was hilariously horrible. Kazakhstan became an international punchline over night and now, even four years later, the country just can’t let it go. So now, in a weird revenge plot which sounds like it actually came from a Borat movie, they’re trying to get 20th Century Fox to sue them by making an unofficial, unauthorized sequel to Borat called My Brother, Borat.

The sequel follows an American journalist who visits Kazakhstan and ends up being taken on a tour around the country by Borat’s brother Bilo. This is of course impossible because as we learned in the original Borat movie, Borat’s family keeps Bilo safely locked away in a cage. Except for that time of course, when his sister taunted him with her vazhïn and Bilo “break the cage”. But that was a long time ago.

The Kazakh sequel will, of course, be terrible. Its goal is really to convince everyone that Kazakhstan has skyscrapers, not to be funny. Ironically the fact that they seem to think we care about whether they have skyscrapers sort of lends credence to Borat’s portrayal of the country as backward and clueless. I’m sure this is lost on them.

In the video below you can get a look at what those crazy Kazakhs are up to with their unauthorized sequel, and see the My Brother, Borat director dare Fox to sue him before promising “I’ll eat them alive.”

Josh Tyler