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Borat's Racist Frat Boys Batted Down

Well the courts haven’t completely melted down. Every once in awhile they make a good decision. This time, it was to deny the lawsuit against 20th Century Fox’s Borat movie brought by the drunken, sexist, racist, college frat jerks who humiliated themselves in the movie. If you’ve seen the film, you know the ones. They’re the guys in the Winnebago who bemoaned the fact that Americans are no longer allowed to have slaves... at least until someone designs a proper Asimov robot.

Those rich, spoiled, University of South Carolina students had been attempting to prevent further distribution of the film until any scene which made them look bad was taking out. It’s not that they didn’t say or do any of those things, they just don’t like anyone knowing about it. They claim they were somehow duped into being Klu Klux Klan members in training. But, since they agreed to be on camera and knew they were on camera, they never had a leg to stand on and a Los Angeles judge has thrown the whole thing out of court.

It looks like the other suits being brought against Borat are headed the same direction. The Hollywood Reporter says the suit brought against Fox by the tiny Romanian village hired to play Khazaks may stall. A Federal judge has ruled that it can’t go forward until the plantiffs come up with more specific allegations. They claim they were duped into playing unflattering figures, whatever that means. Apparently they don’t quite understand the whole acting thing.

Good for Borat and good for all of us. The obstacles between us and Borat II are rapidly evaporating, and with the movie now getting awards attention from critics groups and the American Film Institute, a followup seems almost assured.