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New Boxtrolls Images Reveal Quirky And Clever Character Traits

If you've seen one Boxtroll, you've seen them all? Not quite. The trailers for Laika's stop-motion/CG hybrid animated film have given us some indication that each Boxtroll has their own look and style. That was further demonstrated in the art on display at CinemaCon this week, and now we have even more to go on, thanks to a memory game posted on the official Boxtrolls Facebook Page.

The banner we shared from CinemaCon, which showed off Boxtroll characters Oil Can, Shoe, Fragile and Specs, -- among others -- seemed to indicate that these Boxtrolls' names were based on their boxes. Clever and kind of adorable, right? Now we have a bit more to go on, thanks to the helpful printable photo. The sheet is intended to be used as a memory game, but in the process, it also provides a bit of additional information about a few of the Boxtrolls, including one that looks decidedly less trollish than the others.

First up, we have Sparky, the "high-voltage" hero with what looks like a battery on his box...


Next, there's Fish, who "always hides, never seeks." His box has a fish that looks almost like a necktie.


And then there's Eggs, who's "All hero, no yolk." Box aside, he doesn't look quite as trollish as the rest. (Spoiler alert, he's adopted).


Next up, there's Shoe, whose box has a hood and who's known for having a big temper, though he's a little troll.


While Shoe wins points with me for the resemblance he bears to my dog, Clocks wins points for the clever caption under his photo. Time is literally on his side. Or front.


And last but not least, there's Oil Can. He's a slick one and he has an awesome hat.

Oil Can

The mention of heroism on some of the cards reminds me of the recently released international trailer...

Featuring the voices of Sir Ben Kingsley, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Elle Fanning, Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Tracy Morgan, Jared Harris, Toni Collette and others, The Boxtrolls tells the story of the mysterious trolls living beneath the streets of the posh Victorian-era town of Cheesebridge, and the little boy they raise as their own. The Boxtrolls arrives in theaters September 26.

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