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Despite the general failure of her last film Stop-Loss Kimberly Peirce is a filmmaker I wish we heard more from. It's hard to make a living by directing films about serious stories in America's heartland, though, which might explain why for her third feature Peirce is heading in a decidedly new direction. Entertainment Weekly reports the Boys Don't Cry director has signed on to direct Wicked Lovely, an adaptation of the first in Melissa Marr's bestselling young adult fantasy series.

Yes, I know you're already getting some nasty Twilight-tinged premonitions here-- and the design of that book cover sure doesn't help--but it doesn't look quite that bad. The main character is a teenage girl, Aislinn, who has always been able to see the "faeries" that apparently surround us, but she has been trained to pretend she doesn't see them. When the faery Summer King demands she become his Queen, Aislinn refuses, setting off a war in the faery world. Yes, there's romance in this-- she's in love with her best friend-- but the main female character actually gets to do things this time and doesn't seem to spend the entire book begging her loverboy for sex, so we're already better off than with Bella Swan.

It's hard to predict how Peirce will tackle the material, given how grounded and grown-up her previous work has been, but it's an interesting match for sure. There's no word on when Universal plans to start production on the film, but if we're building off Twilight mania-- and we definitely are-- presumably the sooner the better. Come on, Kimberly Peirce-- give us the properly feminist alternative to Twilight we've needed all these years.

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