Brad Pitt Rumored For Thor

It looks like Marvel is moving fast to find actors to fill their newly created superhero roles. Last week we broke the story here that they may be considering Matthew McConaughey for the role of Captain America, and now our friends over at Latino Review say they have a line on who they may be looking at to play Thor.

Their sources tell them Brad Pitt is one of the names being tossed around at Marvel to wield Thor’s hammer. They speculate that Marvel is going after another Robert Downey Jr. like actor for the part, after the success of Iron Man. Let’s face it, whether you like him or not Brad Pitt really can act… and he has the right kind of godlike physique to play the actual god of thunder.

For now it’s just a rumor, but a tantalizing one. I think for the general public Thor, as a character, is an unknown quantity. People don’t have the attachment to him that they have with a Superman or a Batman, and he’s not even really as visible or well known as Iron Man. If Marvel wants to get people to show up to see this movie, it couldn’t hurt to have a big name like Brad’s attached.

Josh Tyler