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New Breaking Dawn Part 1 Deleted Scene Shows Edward And Bella The Morning After

A few days ago, we learned that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 was getting a special Extended Edition DVD/Blu-ray set, which will include an extra eight minutes of the movie that wasn't included in the theatrical version of the film. One of the new missing scenes has been made available online and shows us a morning-after conversation between Edward and Bella.

While fans await the home video release of the final Twilight film, Summit is offering up the extended edition of the first part of Breaking Dawn, which saw Bella walk down the aisle and enjoy a romantic island-set honeymoon with Edward. The scene below appears to take place the morning after one of Bella and Edward's steamy nights together.

Bella's growing appetite indicates that she's already starting to feel the effects of the pregnancy, though this takes place before she figures out that she's carrying a half-vampire baby. It also falls along the lines of the book in the way she starts talking about maybe staying human for a little while longer. And it leaves off with the arrival of the visitors, which means it won't be long before Bella discovers she's pregnant.

Moments like these aren't particularly crucial to the story or even all that exciting, but fans of the films and of everything Twilight will likely appreciate whatever added footage of Edward and Bella they can get, especially now that the movies are finished.

Learn more about the planned Extended Edition DVD/Blu-ray, which is due out March 2, and get a look at the box art and trailer for the set here.

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