Now that Lionsgate fully owns Summit Entertainment, the role of The Hunger Games franchise as "the next Twilight" is all the more obvious. Yes, fans of either series will vehemently explain that the books are totally different, but to studios with marketing dollars in mind, they're very similar: devoted female fantasies, action scenes that could potentially appeal to men, and huge box office potential. With the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, coming this fall, the March release of The Hunger Games is an obvious place to start promoting it-- and Lionsgate, being no fool, will be taking full advantage.

The Los Angeles Times has broken the fairly self-evident news that the trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 will debut exclusively on every print of The Hunger Games-- suggesting that there won't even be an online debut, and that fans will have to buy Hunger Games tickets to get their first glimpse at the final act of the franchise. Lionsgate executive Jon Feltheimer told the Times that The Hunger Games will be the studio's largest release ever, though it's unclear if The Hunger Games will be on more screens than the Twilight films, since those were all Summit releases.

These theatrical-only trailer premieres are usually a headache for movie sites like us-- pirated copies run rampant, and the level of interest is huge even when you don't wait to aid and abet privacy. But unless Lionsgate reverses course and posts it online early, it will likely be well after the March 23 opening of The Hunger Games that we're able to post the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer. So if you're dying to see it, get those Hunger Games tickets! They go on sale February 22, so you don't have to wait much longer.

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