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In this game, we hear reports of new casting from all kinds of sources. Some are legit, have a good track record, and you can bank on them, while others are soft and vague and questionable. When reports came in a few weeks back about Brie Larson being cast in Kong: Skull Island, they originated from a solid outlet, and now Larson herself has confirmed her role in a funny, awesome way.

Even as an in-demand, up-and-coming young movie star, it’s not every day you receive a personal message from King Kong, so when Larson got such a letter, she showed it off on her Twitter account with the message, "Here we go." She also calls out to director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kings of Summer) and co-star Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers), as well as Legendary, the studio behind this project.

Skull Island has been moved around some, and as such, has had trouble keeping some of its actors. Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons were both signed on but recently left due to scheduling conflicts—when you have the kind of year they both had in 2014, your calendar tends to fill up. Still, they’ve managed to line up some stellar replacements, as Samuel L. Jackson has been linked to the role Simmons was to play, while John C. Reilly is at the top of a shortlist to take over the list for Keaton’s former part. Tom Wilkinson has also reportedly been offered a different role in the film, and though there were rumors that Russell Crowe might be on board, we haven’t heard much more on that front.

The way it goes in most King Kong movies is that we only see the mysterious Skull Island—a strange location full of all kinds of monsters and creatures out of time, like dinosaurs—for a short while. Some explorers usually venture there, capture the iconic giant ape, and bring him back to the city, where the situation takes a turn for the worse. From the title of this film, however, it’s clear that we’ll be spending more time on the island.

Though the word on the street is that Skull Island is set in the 1970s and involves Detroit, we don’t know much more about the story. All we know of Larson’s part is that she is said to be the female lead, opposite Tom Hiddleston. With two actors of their caliber, surrounded by the supporting players the production is lining up, this is turning into a fantastic cast for a big-time, effects-heavy blockbuster.

We’ll see how it all comes together when Kong: Skull Island opens March 10, 2017.