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Brittany Murphy Analyzed By Freud

Just a few hours ago I was sitting on my couch watching Brittany Murphy make out with Reese Witherspoon in an old movie and I wondered, what happened to Brittany Murphy? Reese Witherspoon is off winning Oscars while Brittany is still mostly remembered as that girl who was in that Eminem movie. It doesn’t seem fair.

Well she’s still working, just not in high profile roles. She had a voice in Happy Feet, and everything else she’s done since Sin City falls into the category of overlooked indie. Maybe The White Hotel will raise her profile a little bit. The Hollywood Reporter says she’s set to star in it as an opera singer who gets help from Sigmund Freud in post-World War I Vienna. She hallucinates about a white hotel, and becomes one of Freud’s most famous case studies, Anne G. Freud helps her unlock her memories and her premonitions of the future, including foreknowledge of the Holocaust.

The role sounds like a perfect fit for Murphy, who’s not only a good singer, but awesome when it comes to playing batshit crazy. At some point during The White Hotel’s journey to screen Barbara Streisand, Meryl Streep, and Nicole Kidman have all been interested in taking it on. But this one sounds like the role Brittany Murphy was born to play.