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Well folks, this one has me a bit baffled. The usually reliable but bland people over at Production Weekly are reporting that Fast and Furious director Rob Cohen has signed to helm a Bruce Lee movie called Rage & Fury.

That's right, I said Bruce Lee movie. As in he'll actually be in it.

This has to be a misprint since Lee is dead and in the box, but here's exactly how PW phrased it: "Rob Cohen is set to helm “Rage & Fury,” featuring the legendary Bruce Lee."

Featuring usually means the actor in question will appear in the movie. With Bruce Lee dead that's either an unfortunate mistake on the part of Production Weekly or Cohen plans to use modern whiz-bang CGI technology to bring the great Bruce Lee back from the grave.

I'm not sure what purpose computerized Bruce Lee would serve. When Brando was resurrected for Superman Returns it was so they could use one of his great performances. But resurrecting Lee would probably mean just making a computer model of him, rather than using actual Lee footage. If that's what you're doing, then why bother? It's not Bruce Lee, it's just a videogame character that looks like Bruce Lee. We've seen that before in Tekken. The character's name is Marshal Law.

Hopefully, Cohen's just making some sort of Bruce Lee biopic. He's done it before. In 1993 he directed Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.