CHiPS Coming 2008?

In an interview with IESB this week, Wilmer Valderrama elaborated on plans for the upcoming big screen adaptation of the legendary 70's TV show 'CHiPS'. News has been floating around for some time now of him replacing Erik Estrada as Ponch but since those casting revelations, production doesn't seem to have picked up. He explains:

"...We got the script, the script is fantastic. We are looking for a director and we are looking at shooting sometime later next year."

When asked about the movie's intended take on the iconic show, Wilmer was, as before, clear to point out that it is not a comedy spoof: "The movie is exactly what, this is my humble opinion, exactly what every remake should’ve been. I think that it should respect the franchise because a lot of people respect their childhood shows and love the shows, but at the same time we allow ourselves to have fun with it. We don’t make fun of the idea, but, we have fun with the characters. I believe that it has a serious storyline, a serious plot, but the characters are so colorful and not in a goofy way, but, they’re so chemistry driven, that’s where the comedy comes from. From the reality of themselves and who they were. And that’s where the movie lies and that’s the best way to describe the movie. It has a fun, action, serious plot but these two guys are so likeable together, you know what I mean? It’s very, very colorful and it’s a lot of fun."

A while back we also brought you news of sources citing Chris Evans of Fantastic Four fame as his brother in leather boots, to play Jon Baker, apparently however it's still up in the air:

"We don’t know who my co-star is going to be yet. There are a few ideas up in the air, there was a big rumor that Chris Evans was gonna be the guy, it’s just some big rumor. He’s a great friend of mine and I think that it would be an awesome choice, you know, because he is really funny, but we don’t have anyone locked into the role yet."

A pity. I could really see the two working well on screen together and the pairing really rings true for me. I guess it could still happen. No need to worry just yet though. There may, after all, be an appearance from the original Ponch, Erik Estrada. When asked if they'd be looking for a cameo from him he says:

"I would say of course, why not. My goal is for me to pull him over, that would be a lot of fun. I’m sure, I’m sure …that’s one thing that the other movies lacked, they took it too serious or anything else. You need to do the legendary fun things, the radio thing, I wanted to see the way they got off of their bikes, the way they pull off, all the legendary things that you remember that sticks with you from the [TV Show]…"

He seems to have high hopes for this one, even if it is still a long way away. As "serious" a production as it sounds, it still has a whiff of fun about and surely won't reach into Miami Vice territory. For one, the show wasn't even that serious, and for two, they'd look stupid in those powder blue, shoulder padded suits.