The Cabin Fever Remake Looks Like The Exact Same Movie

Hollywood is a world of remakes at the moment. Audiences are eager to feel the nostalgia they did watching movies of yore. Now it seems that his trend of reboots has extended into the world of horror films, as Eli Roth’s 2002 thriller Cabin Fever is getting a reboot as well. A trailer was just released for the upcoming nightmare-inducing film, and while it does look pretty scary we can’t help but notice something strange. Check it out.

So, this looks like literally the exact same movie. All of it. Every plot point. I suppose die hard fans of the original might be excited, but it does seem strange that the new one looks essentially identical to the 2002 version. Although it is thoroughly lacking in Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World.

The plot of both films is as follows: a group of college students rent a cabin in the woods to celebrate their spring break from matriculation. Drinks are had, flirting is done, and most importantly: there is a creepy hermit who has been infected with a disease that claimed his dog. The disease is a flesh-eating horror show, and the twenty-somethings slowly catch and fall victim to the truly gross, you guessed it, cabin fever.

The trailer for the new Cabin Fever reveals probably too much information and footage of what will happen in the film. While that is a problem within itself, it also shows just how similar to the original it is. Seriously, it’s almost shot for shot.

For one, the pretty blonde girl is the first to get sick and they put her in a barn as quarantine. Sound familiar? In fact, this discovery is once again made when she’s in the heat of passion and the flesh eating virus manifests itself on her inner thigh. Additionally, there also seems to be the gory scene where the friends accidentally light an infected man on fire when trying to keep him away from the cabin. Plus, there are townspeople chasing an infected teen, and the brunette girl discovering her infection while trying to shave her legs in the bathtub. Literally all of these scenes were in the original.

The only aspect of the new Cabin Fever that seems to be different is the focus on the nearby town itself. While the 2002 version certainly had a bit of this, there’s a ton of footage in the trailer that has civilians both good and bad taking part in the chaos that ensues. Plus the new police officer character is a gorgeous modelesque woman, rather than a male that likes to party.

Cabin Fever will be released in theaters on February 12th, 2016.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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