Girl Meets World Is Bringing Back These 2 Boy Meets World Characters

By serving itself up as a sequel series instead of a reboot, Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World is allowed to be a haven for Boy Meets World reunions, and it’s a tactic they’ve used often enough. The latest two actors to join the show in guest roles are Blake Clark, who played Shawn’s dad Chet, and Trina McGee, who played Shawn’s girlfriend Angela. What is this, Shawn’s World Meets Everyone Else?

Both Clark and McGee will appear on an upcoming Season 2 episode called “Girl Meets Hurricane,” and McGee is also set to appear on an additional ep titled “Girl Meets Demolition.” Are the Matthews going to deal with some kind of a huge New York City weather problem? Unshockingly, Rider “Shawn Hunter” Strong will also appear in at least one of those episodes, according to Variety.


Angela first entered Shawn’s life during Season 5 of Boy Meets World, and soon became his longterm girlfriend, despite his history of…whatever the TGIF lineup’s equivalent of “sleeping around” was. She ended up leaving the show, and Shawn’s life, in Season 7, when she went away to Europe with her father. Their goodbyes to one another definitely didn’t seem like they were final, so her coming back should make for an interesting reunion. At least in a Disney kind of way.


Chet was around since Season 1, although “around” is to be taken as loosely as possible. A lot of Shawn’s personality quirks were based on Chet’s relatively terrible parenting style and his drunken womanizing ways. He died of a heart attack in a Season 6 episode, but he continued showing up in later episodes as part of Shawn’s memories and as a spiritual guide, Dexter Morgan’s dad style. This is presumably how he’ll be used in Girl Meets World.

And if that weren’t enough, the episode will be directed by William Russ, who plays Cory’s father Allen. Both he and Betsy “Amy” Randle have reprised their roles as the Matthews parents in Season 1. As well, Girl Meets World has seen the return of former bully Harley Keiner (Danny McNulty), former nerdling Stuart MInkus (Lee Norris) and teacher/principal/neighbor George Feeny (William Daniels).

McGee’s last TV role was on the former CW series All of Us, and she’ll next be seen in the feature LAPD African Cops. (What?) Clark, who can be seen in recent years’ films as That’s My Boy and Highland Park, will next be seen in Mark David’s drama Texas Heart, and possibly heard reprising the role of Slinky Dog in Toy Story 4.

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