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Calm Down, Internet! CNN Did Not Spoil The Best Actor Oscar Race

Relax, everyone. CNN hasn’t spoiled the Oscar ceremony (as was earlier believed), and the race for Best Actor is still anyone’s guess. Sorry, fans of Mr. DiCaprio, for getting your hopes up earlier.

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What happened? Earlier, we tweeted a screencap of a plaque that was shown on CNN. The Internet lept to attention, wondering if the news network had accidentally revealed the winner of the Best Actor race: DiCaprio for his turn in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Internet does what the Internet does. They sprang into action!

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Now, since 2010, the winners have been able to see their names engraved on name plates behind the scenes on the evening of the awards. Click here to see a great gallery of Anne Hathaway getting her name engraved on the Oscar statue she won for Les Miserables.

And Yahoo Movies is quick to point out that final voting on this year’s Oscar race "hasn’t even started yet." It begins on Feb. 14, and ends on Feb. 25.

Could this be a name plate that the Academy made for the CNN broadcast? Perhaps. Does this mean that DiCaprio is the current frontrunner? I wouldn’t go that far, considering the category has Matthew McConaughey and Chiwetel Ejifor. But for a while, Wolf fans got to dream of a reality where the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards wins for DiCaprio will power him to an Oscar at the Academy Awards … which still might come true on March 2.

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