Can Batman Really Beat Superman? Watch Jesse Eisenberg Ask Comic Book Fans For Answers

The battle we’ve been waiting for years to happen on the big screen is almost here: god vs. man, day vs. night, Son of Krypton vs. Bat of Gotham. Fans have been debating for years who would come out on top (even with all those comic book stories over the decades), but with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice only a month away, now the question is getting more public attention. Asking this time around is Jesse Eisenberg, a.k.a. the movie’s Lex Luthor.

Following on the heels of Henry Cavill’s video featuring him asking children what they think of Batman and Superman, Eisenberg is another promotion for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s partnership with the Omaze (opens in new tab) charity organization. At Midtown Comics in New York City, Eisenberg asked fans who they think would win in a fight between DC Comics’ two most famous heroes, and as you would expect, the answers were mixed.

Some pointed out that Batman has the cool fighting moves and high intellect, but others highlighted that Superman has special abilities, from his freeze breath to his extended life span. Keen on plugging his own villain, Eisenberg then asked if they thought Lex Luthor might reign supreme over Batman and Superman. While one guy did agree that Luthor is the most intelligent of them all, the comic book store visitors all agreed that the mastermind businessman doesn’t measure up to the two eponymous protagonists. It was worth a shot, Jesse.

With all his training and intellect, I think we can all agree that Batman wouldn’t be able to knock out Superman if he was armed with his usual arsenal of Batarangs, flash bombs and a grappling hook. It’s only when he pulls out all the stops that he stands a chance, and in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s case, that means donning that bulky battle armor. In all the trailers and TV spots that have been released, there hasn’t been any indication about who’s going to win the brawl. Superman obviously has the edge with his powers (the flight and heat vision especially come in handy), but Batman’s armor can match Superman’s strength level, and his strategic mind gives him the edge in a straight fist fight. Who knows, maybe he’s also carrying Kryptonite somewhere on his person. Since Batman and Superman will later team up with Wonder Woman to battle Doomsday, obviously this fight won’t be for keeps, but it’s still a conflict that many are looking forward to.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, and with the clock ticking down, why not ask what’s been asked many times before? Who do you think will win, Batman or Superman? Let the debate begin…again!

Adam Holmes
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