After decades of waiting, DC Comics is finally fully exploring the big screen potential of the superhero characters other than Superman and Batman. In an attempt to compete with Marvel Studio’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, the next few years are expected to fill up with movie about superheroes who have never gotten a live action feature adaptation before – from Shazam to Aquaman. But while we here at Cinema Blend spend a lot of time thinking about the huge lead characters that will make up DC Comics’ big screen future, we shouldn’t forget to look back at the small, supporting characters who helped build DC Comics’ big screen past.

Below and across the next few pages you’ll find our latest quiz, testing just how well all of you know the not-so-famous players in the history of DC Comics based films. Read our hints, guess the name, check your answers, and be sure to take our poll at the end to see how well you did compared to others!

First Seen In: Watchmen

Closest Main Character Associate: Edward Blake a.k.a. Comedian

From The Comics: Along with the likes of costumed vigilantes like The Comedian, Nite Owl I, Captain Metropolis, Dollar Bill and more, this character was part of the original heroes in the 1950s team known as the Minutemen. Most of the story, however, is set years after this and focuses more on this character’s daughter, who took on her mother’s hero name.

In The Movies: Zack Snyder played it pretty close to Alan Moore’s source material of the same name for his adaptation, so everything you need to know about the character is above. It might help to know that she was played in the film by Carla Gugino.

"Things are tough all over, cupcake. It rains on the just and unjust alike. The Comedian was a little bit of both."

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