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The Canyons: Lindsay Lohan Either Blew Off Work Or Is Bret Easton Ellis' New BFF

Neither Lindsay Lohan nor Bret Easton Ellis is a stranger to controversy. Both have been at the center of numerous arguments, scandals and feuds throughout their tenures in Hollywood, and each is very willing to say whatever comes to his or her mind. Thus, when they began working on their new project, The Canyons, many assumed they’d either quickly become good friends or quickly hate each other’s guts. Regardless of who you believe, one of those scenarios has happened.

Earlier this week, Easton Ellis sent out a tweet accusing Lohan of blowing off a voiceover session and saying he would have the serial killer from American Psycho deal with it. You can take a look at the actual text below…

”Patrick Bateman has just headed over to Lindsay Lohan's hotel to confront her as to why she missed her fucking ADR on "The Canyons" today...”

Given Lohan’s long history of being late for things, as well as the unlikelihood of someone just fabricating a fake appointment in order to make a joke, most people took the blown off ADR portion of the comment as legitimate, but thanks to the Hollywood spin machine, doubts have now been cast about what actually happened. Braxton Pope, the producer of The Canyons, told E! News Lohan has been fulfilling all of her post-production responsibilities and Ellis was just making an inside joke since the two of them were going to hang out at the Chateau Marmont later that night.

”Lindsay has been busy doing press for Liz & Dick. Bret was jesting since he was going to the Chateau that night. Inside joke between us all that has been misconstrued. I saw Lindsay last night, post is proceeding smoothly on The Canyons. There are certainly no ADR issues, and she has seen the movie and is supportive of it. All is well in Canyonlands."

Adding the Chateau Marmont detail was a good choice given how often the paparazzi spots the actress living it up there, but even so, it seems strange Easton Ellis didn’t answer this charge himself if it all really was a misunderstanding blown out of proportion. Either way, work on The Canyons is supposedly nearing completion, which means these two are free to either see each other every day or never see each other again.

Mack Rawden
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