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After many years of waiting, Black Panther is finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As was confirmed last October, the character - played by Chadwick Boseman - will be making his debut in Joe and Anthony Russo's Captain America: Civil War. Because of this, we've long expected that at least some of the blockbuster would be set in the hero's African homeland of Wakanda, but now the production appears to be on the lookout for some actors who can play some of Black Panther's countrymen.

A new casting call has been posted over at the website Tammy Smith Casting, and while the notice says that the production is using the working title Sputnik, it's schedule for shooting in Atlanta definitely matches up with Captain America: Civil War's plans. The film appears to be looking for a wide variety of extras, but the most interesting category is the section looking for African men and women in ethnic wardrobe. You can find the entire casting call below:
Upscale Men And Women
Ages 18 to 85, all ethnicities
- Men in dark suits and women in dark pants/skirt suits and/or dark conservative dresses (women)
- Please submit a photo IN this wardrobe (black, navy, dk grey, dk brown, etc…) IF you have it.
Films in early May
Email subject line: "Upscale"

Military Men
Ages 21 to 50, physically fit
- With real experience as military or weapons/tactical training
- Please list your experience – military, tactical or weapon training.
Films in May/June/July- various work dates
**Pay rates for certain scenes will be higher rates for these men**
Email subject line: "Military"

African Men & Women
(Nigerian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, etc…)**
Ages 18 to 75
-Casual looks or ethnic wardrobe (is a plus, but not mandatory)
- **please list your African origin under your name in your submission
Films in mid May
Email subject line: "African"

Southeast Asian Men & Women
(Thai, Indonesian, Cambodian, Malaysian, Filipino, East Indian, Vietnamese, Singapore, etc.)**
Ages 21 to 75
- Dark suits or dark leather coats are a plus
-**please list your Southeast Asian origin under your name in your submission
Films at the end of April
Email subject line: "Southeast Asian"

College Students
Ages 18 to 28
-Ivy League College appropriate attire required
Films in mid May
Email subject line: "College Student"

Of course, while Captain America: Civil War is said to be the film that will first introduce us to Black Panther, it seems that it won’t be the first time that audiences are introduced to the nation of Wakanda. The production of The Avengers: Age of Ultron filmed some sequences in Johannesburg, South Africa, and it’s widely believed that the city is standing in for Marvel’s fictional African nation. It’s also been predicted that Ultron will be using Wakanda’s famous vibranium mines to make himself nearly indestructible, as hinted at in the movie’s first trailer:


Captain America: Civil War will be filming in Atlanta at the start of the summer, and is scheduled to be released on May 6, 2016. The Avengers: Age of Ultron arrives May 1st.

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