Amidst a sea of new commercials, a rocking halftime show and a football game, yesterday's Super Bowl broadcast also delivered some thrilling new TV spots for a handful of extremely anticipated movies. We were treated all the Michael Bayhem we could handle -- or all that could fit into a 34-second spot -- with the new Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer, and a look at what's ahead for Cap in the Captain America: Winter Soldier spot. There were also Muppets, cars racing and flying, webs galore and a flood of... well, flood.

In case you missed it, we thought we'd walk you through this GIF-illustrated recap of Sunday's thrilling Super Bowl trailers line-up. If you haven't actually seen one or more of the trailers mentioned, go ahead and click the link in the relevant title and you'll be whisked off to a place where that trailer will play just for you.

Transformers Trailer-suggested plot: Transformers and dinobots are about to tear up Earth. Mark Wahlberg's beautiful blonde daughter is in danger.

Also car smash!

car smash



And Mark Wahlberg's all like...


And then Roar!!!


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