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Wait, Gwen Stacy… lives?

The Super Bowl trailer for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 begins with a very deliberate tease to the death of Emma Stone’s character. We see Spidey (Andrew Garfield) catching his true love in mid-air. We see a moment where Peter twips a web and snags Gwen as she falls. And we see Stone’s Gwen look back at Peter… very much alive.

Well played, Marc Webb. Well played, Sony.

The rest of the tease jammed in a ton of Spidey action in a rapid clip. We got very little outside of a chimney-sweep joke between Parker and his Aunt May (Sally Field). We got a little more Goblin action, that shot of the Rhino foot, and Electro scenes. But as teases go, it was MUCH shorter than the full trailers that ran, and shorter even than the New Years Eve spot that ran on Dec. 31.

But what do we care? It’s Spider-Man, and that Gwen Stacy tease built into this new trailer gave me Spidey chills!!

Webb’s second Spider-Man movie hits theaters on May 2, kicking off this year’s Summer Blockbuster season.

Update: Sony revealed a much longer trailer. Feast your eyes on this!!

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