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Carrie Gets Bloody In New International Poster

Carrie International Poster

Looking at all of the promotional materials for director Kimberly Pierce's upcoming remake of Carrie, it's pretty clear that the folks behind the film don't really care about spoilers. The end of Stephen King's book and Brian De Palma's original adaptation, where eponymous teenage girl goes to prom and gets a bucket of pig's blood dumped all over her after being set up to win prom queen, is far and away the most iconic part of the story and has been a huge part of the marketing, present in both trailers we've seen thus far as well as a couple stills. And now its found its way on to the new international poster, which comes to us courtesy of Empire.

What's I'm personally still waiting for is to see how this version of Carrie plans to differentiate itself from the 1976 adaptation. Everything we've seen from the movie suggests that this is going to be a carbon copy of the movie we've already seen, albeit with better special effects. The project caught my attention when it hired the director of Boys Don't Cry and Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore are both talented actresses, but this is a case where the film has to justify its existence and thus far it hasn't.

Adapted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the film tells the story of Carrie White (Moretz), a young girl who is not only regularly the subject of her classmates' torment at school, but goes home every day to a hyper-religious and abusive mother. But when Carrie starts to develop telekinetic powers, she uses them to take vengeance against those who have made her life hell.

Carrie will be in theaters on October 18th.

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