Celebrate Christopher Walken's Birthday With 10 Great Walken Moments

Christopher Walken turns 68 today and, if not for his participation in Kangaroo Jack, this would probably be a national holiday. Kangaroo Jack notwithstanding, Walken has the uncanny ability to make even the worst piece of crap inexplicably awesome, and if he happens to find his way into a good movie, those tend to become almost instant classics.

Christopher Walken has been making movies since 1956 and, even though a lot of them were terrible, he almost never is. To commemorate his birthday, we've picked out ten great Christopher Walken moments, sure to improve your day and possibly get you fired if you're watching these clips at work and your boss happens to be Sicilian. Celebrate Chris Walken day with ten great awkward, hilarious, wonderful, and strange Walken moments:

Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice

Googly Eyes Gardener on SNL

Walken takes out a jet with a pistol in McBain

Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction

Walken in All-American Murder

More Cowbell from SNL

Cooking with Christopher Walken

Tooth Fairy Monologue from The Rundown

The Continental from SNL

Explaining Sicilians in True Romance

If you're a Walken fan, then you've got your own favorites. Add to our list in the comments section below.

Josh Tyler