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Ed Helms has been signing on to projects practically nonstop ever since The Hangover got everyone to finally pay attention to him, so it was inevitable that something would have to give. And as it turns out, it's the movie that gave him all that success that's keeping him away from something new. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Helms's spy comedy Central Intelligence is being pushed back to give Helms time to film The Hangover 2.

The rumor yesterday had been that the film had been scrapped entirely, but Universal is apparently still committed to the project, and will use the Hangover time to sort out whatever issues are plaguing it. The Hangover 2 will be filming this summer in Thailand, and if Helms is still committed to The Office through next season (and given his great story arc of the moment, why wouldn't he be?) that would likely make it next summer before Central Intelligence could get going. I'd honestly be skeptical about the reality of the project after it's been pushed back a solid year, but hey, Helms is much in demand, and Universal will likely take advantage of him as much as possible. So long as they don't get in the way of Andy and Erin's fledgling romance, I'm fine with seeing as much Helms as possible.

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