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This fall's ABC series My Generation is bringing nostalgia to the Gen Y era by focusing on 9 high school friends who are looking back at what their lives have become 10 years after graduation. And that's seriously the exact same premise behind an entirely different project, Ten Year, which is about an actual ten-year reunion and not revolving around a faux-documentary conceit, but still, is basically the same thing.

Ten Year, reports THR, is set to star Channing Tatum, who has been helping in the development process and will produce. Jamie Linden, who wrote the Tatum-starring Dear John, will direct this one and is writing the script with specific actors-- friends of Tatum's, of course-- in mind. His wife Jenna Dewan will have a part, of course, as will husband-and-wife pals Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, Chis Pine and Scott Porter. There's no guarantee that all of them will have their schedules free, though, and with the filmmakers hoping to start filming in November-- which at the very least will be in the middle of Pratt's Parks and Recreation schedule-- some names may wind up dropping off the list.

Ever since The Big Chill there's been no lack of stories about people reuniting and looking over their past, though a 10-year high school reunion seems awfully early in the life cycle to start having serious nostalgia (I say this as someone whose 10-year reunion is but two years away). Still, I like Tatum and his efforts to build a career for himself, and if he's got the power to just make a movie with his pals, well then good on him. Anything bringing Pratt more into the mainstream-- seriously, he is amazing on Parks & Recreation-- is OK by me.

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