Charlie Sheen Wants To Make Another Major League

Before the media started only focus on his Everest-sized mountains of coke and his habit of collecting porn stars in hotel rooms, Charlie Sheen was known as an actor. More importantly, before being stuck on the humorless black hole known as Two and a Half Men, Sheen was a movie actor, making great films like Platoon, Wall Street and Eight Men Out. His most popular character, however, was Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn, the out-of-control pitcher from Major League. But while the first film is a sports movie classic, Major League II and Major League: Back To The Minors aren't worth the film that they are printed on (Sheen wasn't in the third film, but it needs to be said). Still everyone loves "Wild Thing" and perhaps it could be the project that brings Sheen back to respectability.

The actor recently spoke on TMZ Live where he revealed that he is actually trying to do anything he can to bring back the Major League franchise. The actor explained that enough time has gone by since the sequels that they've been forgotten (he even went as far as to call the third movie "an abortion") so they could bring it back as a fresh start. But while he does seem passionate about doing the project, he also recognizes that he isn't the most sought after talent right now and wants people to flood Morgan Creek, the production company behind the franchise, with letters and an angry mob.

While I could get behind the idea of another Major League provided it had a solid script, I'm not exactly sure what Sheen's role would be. Most players are lucky if they're still playing at 40 and Sheen is 45 now (and looks a lot older). I must say that I'm curious as to how the whole thing will play out, but realistically I'm fairly sure it will never happen.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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